“Photography and Book Design: Conflict and Cooperation”. Meet the “Undercover” Exhibition Creators.
21 December 2013, Saturday 15:27
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On December 21 there will be the second series of interviews on “Photography and Book Design: conflict and cooperation” at Erarta. At this time Pauline Oltheten, photographer, and Robin Uleman, designer will take part in these meetings.

On December 21 the guests will have an opportunity to meet the creators of the exhibition, Pauline Oltheten, photographer, and Robin Uleman, designer. It would be more correct to call this meeting “The Visual Theory” because of Paulien Olheten’s book “Theory of the Street”, one of her three books which are represented at the exhibition. It is rather difficult to describe what Paulien does as a photographer. As soon as you try to describe it with your own words, it sounds crazy. When she is outside, she notes any people’s gesture and explores it with an interest. She is interested in human behavior and various non-verbal signals. While Paulien creates her works, she uses the most common documentary language. Then she gathers all pictures together and tries to make some intricate pattern. She doesn’t plan her works at first. She just goes for a walk to the city or goes abroad to explore new streets around the world. She notices something interesting both in people and in herself. As a result, the viewer can see some global system of the universe in her works and feel himself/herself as a small part of this wide world.

Robin Uleman is a designer. He is a man that is incredibly keen on his work. He tells about each letter in his works and his every decision he had to make, when he was working on photo books with a passion. He is also interested in the system of our perception of the world and why we perceive some things one way and the others — another way. And how should we use this system to explain who we are? Design for him is the way to try to answer these questions.


The meeting will be held in English.

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