Igor Rasteryaev. New Album Presentation
15 October 2016, Saturday 20:00
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Erarta Stage

Igor Rasteryaev will present his new album at Erarta Stage on October 15.


Igor Rasteryaev’s new album is going to be released on October 5. The title is still kept in secret. But we know that there will be both old hits and new compositions. The album promises to be the most lyrical among all Igor’s works — the songs feature a lot of personal stories, philosophic observations and thoughts about life.

“It should be nine or ten songs. Let's see how it goes. I wouldn’t plan ahead. About the songs... Not all that I sing is my personal manifestation or worldview. What makes the garmon so interesting is that it pulls out of you things you are not even aware of, it leads you, and helps you to discover something  new all the time”— says the artist.In fact I’m not such a desperate patriot as many people think. It’s like “he is sitting for days, rolling his eyes and reflecting on the Motherland’s destiny. I think many, if they saw me in real life, would be very surprised. It’s a big difference. But it doesn’t mean that I’m lying or pretending. The greatest mystery and miracle is that when you put the garmon on your chest, you change, as if some kind of ancestral cultural channel opens up and starts the flow”.

Let’s open the ancestral cultural channel together with Igor Rasteryaev at Erarta Stage on 15 October!



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