“21 half-hearted years”. Concert by Alexei Aigui & Ensemble 4'33''
21 May 2015, Thursday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

On May 21, Thursday, Alexei Aigui & Ensemble 4'33'' will play a concert at Erarta Stage.


Aigui confirms his status as of the most interesting and influential Russian composer one year after another: he won Nika and Golden Eagle awards several times and he still cannot be outmatched.

His last work was the soundtrack for Vladimir Khotinenko's “Demons”.

We remind that the last year Aigui wrote music for the biopic “Mirrors” about Marina Tsvetaeva.

Also he often travels abroad. As for now, he is coming to Haiti to work for new film by Haiti's former Minister of Culture and filmmaker Raoul Peck.

As Alexei is very busy, his concerts with Ensemble 4'33'' are rare. But when it happens, it features the band's best: jazz–styled albums of the 2000s (“Mix”, “Happiness, Fame and Fortune”) and, of course, music from “The Country of Deaf”, the first film in composer's career and his visiting card.

For this concert the musicians promised to chose the most cheerful and positive  songs from their repertoire.


You can even order a song! The price is 1000 rubles — for the band’s songs. For the other foreign covers the price should be discussed separately and in US dollars. Special discount is given for Igor Nikolaev’s and Frank Zappa’s hits.

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