“July”. A play by Dmitry Volkostrelov
14 August 2014, Thursday 04:00
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"July" is a breathtaking masterpiece by talented modern playwright Ivan Vyrypayev ("oxygen", "euphoria" and "dance deli"). Actress's monologue throughout the play is filled with astounding drama, ranging from scornful indifference to profound tenderness.

The play's director Dmitry Volkostrelov is a pupil of Lev Dolin and a founder of St Petersburg "Post Theatre". By his thirty he has already directed seven shows. He also won authoritative theatre award "Proryv" twice and became a participant in the most prestigious festivals of theatre arts, the famous "Golden Mask" and Perm's "Texture" are among them. All in all Dmitry Volkostrelov gained a reputation of discoverer of a new theatrical language and, consequently, a status of a leader among young Russian directors. His play "July" won St. Petersburg theatre award "Proryv" in 2011 in category "Best director's work". Performer of the text Alena Starostina was nominated in category "Best female role" the same year. A year before "Petersburg theatre magazine" wrote about Volkostrelov's play: "One can watch this amazing contrast, this astounding combination for a long time — as it is a combination of horror and beauty, cruelty, some kind of acridity in voice and intonation, description of a nightmare and slightly sad eyes full of light, a tender smile addressed sometimes to the director and sometimes to the audience..."

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