"Paperny TAM". Concert
22 March 2015, Sunday 03:00
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Erarta Stage

"Paperny TAM" music band will perform at Erarta on March 22.

"Paperny TAM" is an example of a successful fight against their own reputation. They used to be an intelligent band performing in small Moscow clubs. They are now a band breaking the audiences of the largest rock festivals around Russia.

Till this moment nobody can define style of Paperny TAM music that's why music critics decided to call it "alternative chanson". In 2002 Paperny TAM signed a contract with "Snegiry" label which released a special series called "chanson with a human face". From that moment the band has transformed from the category "home family theater" to the category "first class unit of the modern Russian music".


Alexey Paperny — vocal, guitar, music,

Yury Kostenko — clarinet, sax

Vladimir Gochua — bass

Daniil Lentzi — drums, percussion

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