Jenia Lubich. “White Concert”
6 January 2017, Friday 20:00
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Jenia Lubich will play her traditional winter-inspired “White Concert” on January 6 at Erarta Stage.


Jenia Lubich is a Russian indie pop singer-songwriter, coming from St. Petersburg. She’s known in Russia and round the world for her songs and melodies, soundtracks to various movies, for her concerts and albums. She had been working with a famous French band “Nouvelle Vague”, and her voice can be heard on their CD’s. Jenia had released two solo-albums — “C’est la vie” (2011) and “Code Morse”(2014) — both recorded at Kwaidan Records in Paris with French musicians directed by “Nouvelle Vague”’s producer Marc Collin. These two albums contain songs that Jenia wrote in Russian, French and English.

In “Nouvelle Vague”’s third and fourth albums — “NV3” and  “Les Couleurs sur Paris” Jenia performs “Marooned”, “Aussi Belle q'une Balle” and “La Crise Economique”. And her own song “Galaxy” appears in their album — “Nouvelle Vague. The Singers”. While working in France, Jenia recorded an aria of Violetta “Addio del passato bei sogni ridenti” from Verdi's “Traviata” for the “Private Domain” project by Iko and Marc Collin, held by Naïve Music. Jenia participated in various concerts with Nouvelle Vague around the world, and one of the most memorable was their performance at Olympia concert hall in Paris. Jenia has been also working with French house dj and “Hotel Costes” creator — Stephane Pompougnac. Her song “Morning Flow” appears in his CD Collection “Night and Day”. Besides Jenia had released a song “Everlasting Roads” for a CD “La Musique du Fabourg” by another French DJ — Malik Alary.


Later on Jenia Lubich developed her own project. In St. Petersburg she had formed her own band, which may sound very acoustic and gentle as well as strong and powerful, when playing live shows. Seen as very much as a St. Petersburg artist, Jenia keeps up her international connections and quite often performs abroad.

In December 2014 in Paris Jenia had a presentation and a concert dedicated to the digital European release  of the international version of “C’est la vie” album, called “Russian Girl” – named after the one of her  most popular songs. In 2015 “Russian Girl” was released as a vinyl LP by “Imagine Club”, St.Petersburg. There are several music videos to the songs of the album, including “Russian Girl”, made in Moscow by Dmitry Gienko. He also produced a video to the song “Jeanne d’Arc” from the latest Jenia’s album — “Code Morse” which was released in April 2015 in Russia. Recorded in France, it was sound-produced by Marc Collin and Kevin Sedikki — a French virtuoso guitarist and percussionist. There is also a music video to the title song, where Jenia dances with the ballet dancer of Boris Eifman’s company — Anton Labunskas, which was taken in one of St. Petersburg deserted palaces.

Jenia’s latest achievements are 3 tracks, composed for the Russian fantasy-movie “He’s a Dragon” (OST "He's a Dragon/On Drakon"). This film by Bazelevs cinema company is a great success in Russia, in China and other countries. Jenia’s “Lulluby of Silense”, which is the leading musical theme of the movie, became very popular and there are numerous covers to this song everywhere around the world.


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