“Erarta MOTION PICTURES II”. Film Festival
26 March 2014 — 30 March 2014
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Erarta will host the 2nd "Erarta MOTION PICTURES" International Film Festival of Short Films about Painting on 26–30 March 2014.

Painting is justly considered a forefather of cinematography as it is evident from a phrase "motion pictures". It is precisely the visual aspect, the picture itself that acts as a semantic factor. After almost a century since its origination, film has finally established itself as an independent and self-sufficient branch of art. It has formed its own language, it's technical and artistic methods; and cinema's history of development and its context have also been defined. It is obvious that the cinema has grown up. And now it's time to pay the homage to the ancestors.

During five days, from 26 to 30 March, as part of "Erarta MOTION PICTURES II" the museum will host multiple art-connected events:

For more details please visit the official website of "Erarta MOTION PICTURES II".

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