"After the comics". The influence of comics on contemporary art
8 August 2014 —  7 September 2014
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From August 8, the Novgorod Center of Contemporary Art is hosted the exhibition project "After the comics", arranged by Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art


The exhibition project “After the comics” analyzes the process of naturalization of comics stylistics by the contemporary art. And on the other hand it also presents a creative experiment that encourages Russian artists to use this graphic language in their works.

The project features such famous Russian artists of the comics genre as George Ostretsov, Yuri Alexandrov, Alexandr Petrelli and many others. A number of the artists were specifically invited to take part in the project, they are Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Dmitriy Shagin, Vasiliy Florenskiy, Alexandr Petrelli, Vladimir Grig, Vasiliy Golubev, Nikolay Vasilev, Alexey Semichev, Andrey Kuzmin, Nikolay Kopeikin, Stanislav Kazimov, Kirill Miller, Irina Vasilieva, Stas Bags, Alexey Chizhov and Ivan Sotnikov. Each of them has created a painting in the required “alien stylistics”.

The exhibition will also display works by a French artist Jochen Gerner and his series of hand-made redraws of famous comics fragments but with very personal vision of the graphic stories. 

Along with the pieces of art, the exhibition will demonstrate what kind of associations comics elicit in Russian audience, and will reveal whether the local public is ready to accept it as an artistic practice. 

Curator of the project — Elizaveta Shagina.

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