“Team”. Solo exhibition by Vita Buivid
11 April 2014 — 28 April 2014
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Vita Buivid’s project appeals to the exaggerated collective consciousness in all coordinate systems as well as to the problems of isolation and loneliness in the society. But when the picture is so clear, is it worth of to go contemplative?


Clipping consciousness changed the perception of modern people irrevocably. Observation of any classical visuals created before the 90s requires excessive efforts, while the story, shown on a big screen, is read easily.

Images of swimmers, partially beheaded by the boundaries of the monumental field, remind a new 3D-movie trailer. Monumentality becomes a must-have element of modern art. Relevance is again measured by metric system.

Experiments of art practices are layered on top of each other, creating a collage of collages of authors' techniques. Vita Buyvid has been working on this project since 2010. First of all, she appeals to the aesthetic perception of art and only then to its concepts. Stylistically her works gravitate towards the unified figurative system with additional element of defragmentation. Polyformism acts as the programming language and painting obeys the formal principles.

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