“Bioizm”. Personal exhibition by Aljosha
18 July 2014 — 11 August 2014
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From July 18 Erarta hosted an exhibition "Bioizm" by Aljosha whose art is inspired by bio-art and achievements of genetics


His graphic art and sculptures imitate scientific illustrations and resemble some kind of invisible to a human micro world. The artist's fantasies generate non-existent forms that are pretending to be organic. Aljosha calls himself a bio-futurist and dreams of artistic transformation of living matter. Like the Romantic composers or Pygmalion, he tends to spiritualize the form. While being in love with his biomorphs, the artist is trying to convince people that his sculptures are living organisms. By intervention into the urban environment he simulates the communicative situations.

White silicone corals every now and then blossom on the coastal rocks, or stick out of the chewing gum vender machines in various cities around the world. Small red creatures resembling moss or mould are silently watching pensioners playing chess. Visiting a different countries while not being able to speak their native languages, the artist introduces his creatures to passersby and carefully fixes their emotional response with the camera. "Bioizm" by Aljosha it's an art program aimed to create, educate and socialize nonliving organisms.

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