Ksenia Zagoskina
Natural Poetry

15 February 2023 — 09 May 2023
  • Ksenia Zagoskina

Erarta Museum presented an exhibition of photographs by Ksenia Zagoskina

  • The Natural Poetry series celebrating genuine beauty
  • Images in which man and nature complement and accentuate each other’s magnificence
  • Visually stunning portraits shot in the Leningrad Oblast and Northern Caucasus

It is customary for Erarta to showcase the works by great masters of fashion photography, from Mario Testino to Helmut Newton, as well as the creations of aspiring photographers. Natural Poetry is the second solo exhibition by Ksenia Zagoskina. At 17, Ksenia moved to St. Petersburg from Kirov to enter the Peter the Great Polytechnic University and study robotics. During her student years, she took up photography, ultimately deciding to specialise in it. Togay Zagoskina works for model agencies and shoots PR campaigns for local brands and showrooms.

In the artist’s own words, ‘For me, taking a picture means framing a bit of the world, cutting off all that is unnecessary and getting to the core, leaving aside the things one doesn’t want to see and showing something important and meaningful. Within this frame, on this pictorial plane, I try to recreate the world around me in a way that resembles my inner world, placing inside it a person whose appearance resonates with me.’

Ksenia Zagoskina’s pictures celebrate the natural beauty and youth of her models, as well as something she refers to as their ‘inner glow.’ Ksenia strives to show ‘how the natural and the female are intertwined and fused, how a person’s inner world is echoed by the environment. It’s a path towards harmony and tranquillity guided by each person’s inner mindset as if by a compass. Delicacy, refinement, tenderness, and authenticity are wonderful traits borrowed from nature.’

In her series aptly titled Natural Poetry, Ksenia Zagoskina channels a mood shared by many, especially in the present day – a kind of civilisational fatigue, a desire to escape from all traumatising experiences into the edifying harmony between man and nature. Humans have an instinctive ability to start over: returning to the lost paradise of nature, men can avoid such dreadful errors as wars, suffering, and devastation of Mother Nature itself – righting the most terrible wrongs that mankind is capable of.

Ksenia Zagoskina’s exhibition was programmed through the feedback form on the museum’s website. Erarta offers the artists working in various genres and media an opportunity to reach out to their viewers, introducing its visitors to highly original artworks.

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