Porkchop. La Catedral

18 February 2022 — 19 June 2022
  • Porkchop

Erarta Museum presented an exhibition by the American multidisciplinary artist Porkchop inviting the viewer into the post-apocalyptic world of an imagined quasi-religion

  • Imagery full of bold contrasts reflecting the clash between the spiritual and physical planes

  • Sculptures as otherworldly messengers

  • Prominent street artist celebrated for his site-specific murals in New Jersey


Although he is an inter-disciplinary artist, for this exceptional series of works the artist known as Porkchop in collaboration with Erarta museum will focus on large-scale sculptures. Artistically expanding on several mediums alongside sculpture, such as paint, illustration and text, Porkchop manages to evade an attribution to a particular artistic movement or grouping, allowing him to bridge the various forms of art in a highly sophisticated manner. In particular, his familiarity with murals and large scale graffiti art is echoed throughout this show, not only due to the momentous size of the exhibition, but also the discernible juxtaposition of the primary colours that he utilises within his oeuvre – gold, black and white.

From a technical perspective, the sculptures featured in the show are painstakingly planned and cast, typically made of resin, fibreglass, gold leaf and acrylic paint. The artist himself creates the moulded structures from which figures can emerge. Consequently, he laboriously adds layers of acrylic paint and real gold leaf to the works, followed by flawless coats of glossy resin, so that the imagined concept can be manifested. The application of paint onto his intentional ritualistic designs is deliberate, as by stripping these pieces of his normal vibrant palette and using only black, white and gold, a stark bold narrative referencing Central American traditions emerges.

It is the artist’s distinct methodology coupled with this unexpected perspective that can be observed when walking through the exhibition. Principally, it is Porkchop’s exploration of the ancient Aztec civilization and rituals in addition to contemporary Mexican customs that led him to create the works assembled as if in a grand Basilica. We look forward to welcoming you to this remarkable show.

about the artist

American b. 1970

Porkchop is an artist from New Jersey, USA who works across a plethora of mediums from painting, sculpture, acrylic, graffiti, and mural painting. Having graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, he went on to complete a BA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Throughout his work, Porkchop often imbues vintage images with darker and more contemporary elements, which has ensured his commercial success throughout the United States as well as globally. His large-scale murals in particular, as witnessed by the scenes he composed along the Asbury Park (a city in New Jersey) boardwalk, in conversation with the sea, brought him the publicity which elevated his status. These works were respectively titled: Ruthie & Andre (Sunset Pavilion, 2016) and Untitled I & II created in 2015.

The artist has also been exhibited extensively in Europe and his works have been published in various albums, such as The Greatest Erotic Art of Today, Volume 2, Eye Candy, and I Want Your Skull. In addition to the solo shows at Parlor Gallery and Sansa Art in the USA, he has also participated in a number of group shows nationally and internationally. This is the artist’s first solo show in a museum of this scale.

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