“The Clown”. Photo exhibition
17 April 2014 — 13 May 2014
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Photo exhibition "The Clown" was opened in Erarta on April 17. The exhibition featured works by more than 20 artists including Mikhail Ognev, Valery Lavreshkin, Pavel Markin, Katya Polyanskaya, Alexey Zaikov and many others


On the All Fools' Day of 1st April 1987 a young veterinarian Anvar Libabov made a serious and life-changing decision to leave his professional practice at "Lavriky" farm outside Leningrad and become a clown. This story is reminiscent of the Heinrich Boll's novel "The Clown", but it's a very true story.

Anvar Libabov made his name as a part of "Licedei" theatre. His clown's glasses with thick lenses became his recognizable stage image. On the artistic photos of the exhibition this memorable actor's look, effectively emphasized with minimum makeup, flourishes with the whole kaleidoscope of images: comic, dramatic, fantastic and usual.

"It's not that I want to stand out of a crowd, I just don't want to be like everybody else. Authorship is important to me. The external expression should convey the inner content. We should open ourselves to the society" — says Libabov. "The Clown" exhibition is the actor's opportunity to look at his thirty-year creative biography with the eyes of a viewer.

Peering into the portraits and videos, the actor invites the audience to find themselves in the reflections of his glasses, and then look at the world through the eyes of somebody else: a clown, a mime, a veterinarian or a medieval beggar. This retrospective of images is kind of a metaphor for a person with internal harmony and sensitive vision that allow him to be an artist without losing connection with the reality.

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