Vadim Galaganov. Not for Everyone

02 June 2022 — 21 August 2022
  • Vadim Galaganov

Erarta Museum presented an exhibition by the Russian fashion stylist Vadim Galaganov exploring the relations between fashion and the concept of beauty in a digital age

  • Nudes symbolising freedom of self-expression
  • Post-human standard of beauty being abandoned in favour of authenticity
  • An independent project of a stylist who worked with the leading fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Tatler, L’Officiel, and ELLE, as well as international celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Vincent Cassel

Vadim Galaganov explores the relations between fashion and the concept of beauty that inevitably transforms in the digital age. Part of the independent project Not for Everyone was shown at the Manege Central Exhibition Hall during the 12th Moscow International Biennale Fashion and Style in Photography – 2021. The exhibition at Erarta allows the viewers to take in Vadim Galaganov’s vision in its entirety. The 46 photographs are grouped into four series, each pursuing its own objective and telling its own story.

The project abandons the post-human standard of beauty imposed by the glossy magazines in favour of authenticity. Nudity here symbolises freedom of self-expression, while clothing and accessories reinforce the message. High contrast black and white images, theatrical lighting, and models’ poses allude to the works by the great photographers of the 20th century and to iconic shots from the history of fashion. Reinvention of the past through the prism of the artist’s perception leads to an understanding of beauty as the aesthetic truth and provides the starting point for reinstating fashion photography as a visual art form.

‘This exhibition is not exactly about fashion, although it traces the stages of my creative journey,’ says Vadim Galaganov. ‘I had to make many sacrifices to part ways with the world of glossies. I worked in the fashion industry and considered it art. Sometimes it really was art. However, it was also a world of compromises, with little room for bold artistic ideas. A world confined within strict borders. Now I can express my vision to the fullest. I am not afraid to be misunderstood. Such is the price of freedom!’

about the artist
Vadim Galaganov was born in Baku, moved to Moscow in 1986 and, starting from the early 2000s, worked for fashion and lifestyle magazines as a stylist and fashion director. Over his 18-year career, he curated dozens of editorial photo shoots, collaborating with A-list celebrities and prominent international periodicals like Vogue, GQ, GQ Style, Glamour, Tatler, AD, L’Officiel, CN Traveller, ELLE, and MAN ELLE.

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