Dance in Vogue. Photo-exhibition of works by the great Vogue photographers
16 August 2012 — 15 October 2012
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Best dancers of the past and present as seen through the lens of the great Vogue photographers.

«Vogue» magazine, «Multi-media Art Museum», Moscow, «Moscow House of «Photography», Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art & AURORA FASHION WEEK Russia present photo-exhibition DANCE IN VOGUE, organised as a part of «Fashion Museum» project. Last year «Vogue» magazine published a special issue DANCE IN VOGUE which was designed to demonstrate the deep of famous dancers which had been taken especially for the magazine over last 13 years. During the process of selection, a large collection of ballet pictures had been found at Conde Nast publishing house. Consequently, an exhibition of these photographs was organised and it consisted of over 120 works all of which have been inspired by the aesthetic of dance. The pictures were taken over different periods of time by such great masters as Vivian Maier, Horst P. Horst, Cecil Beaton, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, Arthur Elgort and more.
The creator of many stunning dance photographs, Annie Leibovitz, once said: «Dancing is almost impossible to shoot because it is born from the air and tends to disappear in it». However, the great masters of dance photography proved that capturing the air is possible. The heroes of their works at different times were Mikhail Baryshnikov, Sylvie Guillem, Rudolf Nureev, Jerome Robbins, Diana Vishneva, Pina Bausch, Margot Fonteyn and other eminent dancers.
«There has always been a strong chemistry between fashion and ballet which quite often turned into real passion. Still, the greatest romance of the century happened between ballet and fashion photography. Prima ballerinas use to establish the fashion trends in high society, designers looked for inspiration in works of the famous choreographers, the scene decorators for ballet created the drawings for the fashion shows and the fashion designers made outfits for the ballet performances. Since its establishment, Russian Vogue paid much attention to the dancing theme. Thus, the main objective of the Dance in Vogue project is to show both the mutual influence that exists between fashion and ballet and also the role of the Russian ballet in the process of style formation»,- says Vogue chief editor Victoria Davydova.
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