Volley Gym Thrashing from Varenye Organizm
24 February 2018 —  8 May 2018
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Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art proudly presents the large-scale exhibition by the artists group Varenye Organizm

  • Provocation, irony and absurd
  • Exhibition hall turned into a large playground
  • The exhibits that you can touch

Who are we? 

Varenye Organizm is a collaboration of artists-molecules. It’s a fan uppercut, objective activism, abstract experience, provocation, irony and absurd that you can touch, wear and sometimes even sit inside or eat. 


What do we create? 

We transform the living space into the extrasensory one; we make playgrounds out of cities; we create giant construction sets, psychoactive aggregator and armor-transformers. That’s what we create. Our mission is to generate new synapses in response to technological games and unusual behavior. 

Our projects aim at the inner children, who are awake or asleep inside the armor of a grown up average dinosaur. Our creations are the exercise machines, bringing out the youthfulness of mind and the need to play. We believe that it is children who should rule the universe. 

What do we want to say? 

How to turn humankind-war into humankind-generator? How to transform its lethargy and gloom into flamboyance and wildness? How to shift focus away from the consumption to creation? How can we preserve the brain spring?  How to stop whining and get back on your feet, when you are riding the waves on the board? How can we learn to move beyond the instincts, traditions and habits? How to avoid falling into nonsense? Can we get ourselves a more cheerful skin? How to become a child again? How to finally become an adult? How to flex the muscles of imagination? How to widen a narrow? How to stop being afraid of the stray dogs and give a hug to a homeless person? Can we learn how to learn? How to discover new worlds? How to go beyond oneself? These are some of the many questions you can answer by interacting with Varenye Organizm’s public art projects at their first solo exhibition “Volley Gym Thrashing” at Erarta Museum. 

A human being is incredibly sluggish, inert and mortal. In the course of his short life, he has no time to rewrite the code of the world or to even equalize himself. We are the most lazy, aggressive, irrational and petrified fossils of the globe. And since nature is not smart enough to break our habit of being this predatory mold, art takes the lead. This exhibition is an idealistic step away from the modern upright hedgehog in the fog to the posthumanoidal culture of the future. It’s an attempt to warm up, stretch, build and strengthen the muscle mass of the brain through the interaction with the exhibits /the exercise machines. 

The museum space has always provided the educational experience, which so far has never been as psychophysiological, purposeful and rational. Varenye works with the hidden weaknesses and potentials, transforms the everyday into the extrasensory, wakes up the dormant and unlocks the uptight, untangles and stabilizes; it massages, tickles and connects the forgotten, lights up the extinct, overthrows the dogmas and restores the divided and exhausted human race. We believe in the physics of the metaphors and the bright logic of the analogies. And thus, we invite you to train on our allegorical equipment. We don’t know if and how your state will change following the volley on the lethargy. Perhaps, you are resilient and pumped up enough and it is us who should raise the bar. And yet we’re expecting to liberate at least some portion of the biomass. Dance, the molecule! Activate, the carbon! Weareyouare! 

Varenye Organizm 

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