Exhibition "We are (not) alone" by Dmitriy Shorin includes works from different years and also paintings created specially for the project. His works are easily recognized- not only because of the recurring themes of girls, planes and sky, but rather due to a characteristic atmosphere of uneasiness and psychological eroticism. The painter borrows his images of washed-out glam-beauties from the inexhaustible sources of mass media and breathes into them a new life. Stripped off the advertising obviousness, fragile and angular heroines become ephemeral and mysterious beings. Yet they are still observed by a thousand of eyes- even birds seem to be staring at them. They are (not ) alone but they are very lonely.
Shorin's large-format paintings are reminiscent of the advertisement billboard in the world of perpetual post-holiday spleen and vacation-longing. Crumpled chocolate bar wrapper and half-sunken plane symbolically glorify the collision of dream and reality while melancholic colours signify the inevitability of daily routine. Opposite to artificially-constructed reality from commercials, Shorin's paintings are the fragments of real life in which there is still a place for building castles in the sky.
Dmitry Shorin has participated in a large number of solo and group exhibitions, including international biennale and art fairs. His works are in the collections of many prominent art connoisseurs. His projects include: "Holidays" (Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 2011), "Dmitriy Shorin in Russian Museum" (State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg, 2008), "Girls best friends" (I Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, "Fine Art" gallery, 2005), collaboration projects with the founder of "brandrealism" movement Sergey Shnurov ("Runway") and photographer Dmitriy Provotorov ("Rookery", "Games").
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