Denis Lotaryov
Brave New World

12 May 2023 — 06 August 2023
  • Denis Lotaryov. Brave New World

Erarta Museum presented an exhibition by Denis Lotaryov, an interdisciplinary artist having to his credit more than a thousand dives in all kinds of water bodies worldwide and a unique vision of the element of water

  • An exhibition featuring underwater paintings and photographs, sculptures and video art

  • Reflections on timely and timeless subjects, from information surplus to the search for the meaning in life

  • An opportunity to admire underwater seascapes from the White, Black, and Red Seas


Interdisciplinary artist Denis Lotaryov is active in many fields, including painting, sculpture, graphic arts, installation, performance, video, and new media art. The Brave New World exhibition reflects the wide range of the artist’s pursuits centred around two main themes: new technologies and the element of water addressed from the environmentalist perspective. Although the show’s title references the classic work by English author Aldous Huxley, it is not a verbatim illustration of the novel but rather a metaphorical rendering of the technocratic future in all its frightening uncertainty.

The Technochimera series explores such subjects as genesis, motherhood, science and technology, surplus of information, blending of the animate and the inanimate, the meaning of life, and the search for truth. Its high-tech imagery represents human beings collapsing the boundaries of their own corporeality and environmental stability.

The Archichimera research project is a product of generative AI with contribution from non-human protein agents. The resulting new media art objects present an opportunity to reflect on the future and the prospects of art after man.

Nevertheless, the artist’s main source of creative inspiration is water. Denis Lotaryov has been a professional diver since 2005. More than a thousand dives in all kinds of water bodies informed his unique vision of the element. Through the diverse media of underwater painting, photography, sculpture, installation, and video, the artist offers the viewer new insights into the fusion of the natural and the human-made, the animate and the inanimate.

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