Adam Martinakis. The Symbol of Existence

29 April 2021 — 09 August 2021
  • Adam Martinakis

Erarta Museum presented an exhibition by the digital artist Adam Martinakis whose works allow the viewer to metaphysically experience the void

  • A faceless body as the symbol of life itself

  • Space as a perpetual waiting area

  • Art as a bridge between the individual and the universal


One would have trouble spotting in Adam Martinakis’ artworks anything other than human bodies: intertwining and amalgamating, they spill into each other and dissect one another, falling into pieces and dissolving in space. Here, frozen motion acts as a means of expression just like in dance, while the faceless body becomes the symbol of life itself.

Adam views the body as a kind of basic unit. ‘I study the human relations and behaviour, the causes of actions and the aftermath, trying to depict the past and the future in a concentrated present in pause,’ explains the artist. ‘When the time has lost its nature, the actors play in a non-existing timeless space. I am magnetized by the space, the big endless space where everything flows in.’ For Martinakis, space turns into the perpetual dwelling between point A and point B. In this place of zero gravity, bodies are in a state of permanent transformation.

Drawing the objects into mutual focus, the artist does not encourage us to interact with them. His art becomes a bridge linking spirit and matter, the animate and the absent, the individual and the universal. Restricting himself to a minimal cast of characters, Adam Martinakis prompts the viewer to concentrate on what really matters: the vital vibrations pervading his works. This affords us the opportunity to metaphysically experience the void that the artist himself perceives as the true space. 

about the artist

Born in Lubań, Poland in 1972, Adam is of Polish and Greek descent. In 1982, he moved to Athens, Greece, where he studied interior architecture, decorative arts, and design. Since the year 2000, Adam Martinakis has been working and experimenting with artistic computer-generated visual media (3D digital image/rendering – animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media), painting and photography. Member of the Greek Chamber of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Greece, Poland and the UK.

Photo by George Kamelakis

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