Alexander Brashkin. Out of Your Head
03 April 2019 — 27 May 2019
  • Alexander Brashkin. Out of Your Head

The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presented an exhibition of paintings by Alexander Brashkin


Alexander Brashkin's art finds its beginnings in the street. Having gained acclaim as a street artist, instead of conquering another wall, Alexander decided to challenge the strongholds of anatomical drawing and oil painting. However, the artist consciously sidestepped the period of schooling and routine training which so often withers the creative imagination. He approaches the viewer from a somewhat naive but very forthright position of an artist relying on his own resources, following his emotional impulses, believing in the power of inspiration and the originality of his worldview.

Alexander Brashkin's street art revolved around various demonic figures, but in his painting series the artist turns to different aspects of the human nature. Apart from the pointedly satirical undercurrent, Brashkin immerses the viewer in visions of a different reality in which violence, lust and the cult of pleasure coexist quite effortlessly. The artist's protagonist is a dreamer drifting in a stream of irrational images, at the same time controlling what he sees, thus being omnipotent. Alexander Brashkin offers us a visionary experience, revealing amid the garbage heaps of impressions left by fictitious popular culture some authentic and truly powerful sensations, wild and dark in nature.

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