“Cosmogony”. Exhibition by Porfirii Fedorin
3 September 2015 — 26 September 2015
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On September 3 Erarta opened an exhibition of Porfirii Fedorin


The “Cosmogony” project is intended to relate to a very important and interesting question. The question of our complicated and ambiguous universe. Nowadays, it’s no longer a subject of studying beyond the material concept; it’s superseded with the rational human consciousness. My works affect all aspects of the universe — the laws of existence, the mechanisms of development, multidimensionality, the roles of the Gods and the humans, their interaction and sacred meaning of life. 

Just as Handel tried to order the observable reality through the text in his “The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception”, this project attempts to open the door between visible and invisible worlds using visual means. 

Through augmented cognition and assimilation of the surrounding transcendent space by various means and methods, some of the countless number of worlds are depicted to the uttermost simply. As well as the one that we observe every day. It is not as simple and straightforward as it seems at a fleeting glance. 

Specifics of perception of the universe, relationship with it and existence in its different environmental realities — all this can be seen in the infinitely saturated space of paintings. To get the experience, one should ignore the usual images and standard circuits of understanding, imposed beliefs and limitations. Try to take to the open field of glittering emptiness and boundless cosmos. Perhaps, this is the way to open up the invisible doors to the other worlds and to see something meaningful, fascinating or even frightening. 

Have a nice trip! 

Porfirii Fedorin

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