“Freedom in the lens. The classics of Soviet photography”: Aleksandr Rodchenko, Vladimir Lagrange, Yuri Rost
20 June 2015 — 30 August 2015
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The exhibition “Freedom in the lens. The classics of Soviet photography” combined three projects, featuring works by the great masters of Soviet photography: Aleksandr Rodchenko, Vladimir Lagrange and Yuri Rost


The art of Alexander Rodchenko is featured through the project “The Rodchenko’s circle. Stylish people”. First shown at the festival “Fashion and Style in Photography — 2005”, the project speaks about the inner circle of the classic of Russian modernism, the main engineer of constructivism, and the pioneer of Soviet photography. The heroes of the photographs are his wife Varvara Stepanova, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Lilya and Osip Brik and others. 

The works by Vladimir Lagrange, united in “Thaw” project, were first shown within the 10th International Photography Month in Moscow Biennale 2014. Participant of various international projects and recipient of numerous professional awards, he was one of the world's hundred photographers to work on the book “A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union” (published in the United States). His photos can be found in museums and private collections all over the world (Russia, Italy, Britain, Switzerland and Australia). The years of Thaw, a unique period of Soviet history, was the time when the mood of the whole country changed subtly. That new feeling of freedom was vividly expressed in Vladimir Lagrange’s photographs, particularly in his famous “Doves”, which The Soviet Photo Magazine surprisingly published in a full-page size. Traditional, officious, and frozen images of parades and Politburo conventions were gradually replaced by new photographs: still staged, but breathing with freedom and showing a different perspective of the time. New generation of photographers turned their faces to new forms of expression and new values.  All these processes can be read in the works by Vladimir Lagrange. 

“Yuri Rost: Collective Portrait against the Background of the World” is a reflection on the topic of love and compassion as the only way of comprehending the World. The portraits show people and places. Each is accompanied by a poetic author’s text. The project gives the opportunity to see the beauty of the world and to feel yourself a part of it.

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