Moonlight Alphabet. Exhibition by Boris Grebenshchikov
26 January 2018 — 19 February 2018
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Erarta museum is pround to present an exhibition by Boris Grebenshchikov. The project comprises drawings and paintings created by the legendary leader of “Aquarium”


These are the paintings by a musician and a poet, the legend of the “generation of street cleaners and watchmen”, by a man who has greatly broadened the horizons of the musical and poetic genre and stepped into shaky territory of messianism. These are the paintings where words and meanings have acquired materiality, and music has transformed into substance. These artworks has grown on the territory governed by the Light. Boris Grebenshchikov is not an artist. He is just BG. He has no need to adhere to the limits of styles and trends of contemporary art; he has nothing to prove.  He creates what he wants when he wants it.

“A poet in Russia is more than a poet” and Boris Grebenshchikov really is “more than that”: he is a poet, musician, cult figure of Leningrad and Petersburg crowd.

His paintings are born from the artistic abundance of the fruits from the tree of Grebenshchikov's kind talent. He has enough education to afford being different from contemporary painters. He does not attempt to compete in skill with photographers. What he does is not contemporary art in the conventional sense, but art without time and place. His art is beyond time; it originates in Plato's World of Ideas. And his songs have the same origin. They remain relevant for decades. Our children listen to these songs, understand or ready to understand them. The esoteric meaning of the message is elusive, but it reaches the addressee nonetheless. The legacy of Doctor BO lives on!

Inna Grinchel, an artist and curator

The exhibition features the oil paintings and original photographs on metal plates made by Boris Grebenshchikov over the last years. 

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