Inner Bulgaria. An exhibition by Ramin Nafikov
28 February 2018 —  2 May 2018
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Erarta Museum is proud to present the first exhibition in Saint Petersburg of abstract paintings by Ramin Nafikov

  • Combination of European artistry and Eastern energy
  • Special sense of colour born out of months of work
  • Pure emotions and the beauty of abstraction

Ramin Nafikov is a noticeable fresh face in the Post Soviet contemporary art landscape. Being a Kazan artist who has inner Bulgaria in his soul and lives predominantly in Riga (after graduation from The Art Academy of Latvia), he puts together in his work the European artistry and Eastern energy. One can think that it’s the Order and the Orda meet and merge in the in the inner space of an individual. 

Ramin focuses primarily on abstract forms. He treats his creative work not as the production of paintings, but rather as self-sufficient process and instinctive pursuit of the idea that floats around and demands to be understood, read and clearly expressed. At the same time, the artist seeks self-knowledge and self-improvement. His paintings combine the impulsive expressionist gesture, the sense of abstraction and the codes of ancient culture. In a way, the artist’s work is akin to spiritual practice. 

Ramin Nafikov works long hours, spending months to achieve the harmony and a special sound of the colour. He believes that the abstraction clears the mind from unnecessary thoughts and exposes the essence, while preserving only the emotion and beauty. His painting style is expressive, unique and musical. 

The alchemy of creativity and phenomenon of personality cannot be reduced to culture and ethnogenesis. It remains to be seen how this fate will unfold, and yet a lot has already happened. 

Ramin Nafikov’s works were exhibited in Riga, Moscow, Kazan, Vienna, Innsbruck and other cities. The first exhibition of his paintings in Saint Petersburg will be held at Erarta Museum of contemporary art.

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