Samara`s landing force. Project “Russia in Erarta”
19 August 2011 — 25 September 2011
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The project “Russia in Erarta” opens its first exhibition in Saint Petersburg – contemporary artists of Samara and Samara Region represent their works

Its main idea is to expedite the development of contemporary art and the formation of integrated cultural life in Russia. The project supposes to organize regularly large exhibitions presenting contemporary art of different regions of Russia at Erarta. Presentations of cultural projects, press conferences and roundtable discussions with participation of artists, curators, pressmen, historians of art and collectors are planned to carry out in the course of the exhibitions. Interregional collaboration in the sphere of contemporary art, capital investments in the culture of the representing region, popularization of Russian art amongst professionals and public at large will be the result of these activities. The exhibition of the artists from Perm "Genius of Place" in the course of the Perm festival "White Nights" in June 2011 became the first event of the project which was carried out with the help of Erarta's curators.

"Samara's landing force" is the first exhibition in course of the project "Russia in Erarta" in Saint Petersburg. It will display the works of modern artists from Samara and Samara Region: paintings by Frol Vesyoly, Mikhail Lyozin, Ekaterina Romanova, Dina Bogusonova and art group "CZNS", installations and art-objects by Evgenia Biktimirova, Aleksandr Filimonov and Evgeny Maslennikov, video-art by Evgeny Chertoplyasov and Oleg Zaharkin, performances by Alisa Nikolaeva and Ilya Polyakov. Frol Vesyoly is the project's curator working in collaboration with Mikhail Savchenko as the co-curator.

"Samara Center" company is the regional partner that realizes the project of a new community center in Samara. The company has been holding the "Art Center" displaying contemporary art since 2009.

The exhibitions will be organized not less than once a half year. Visitors will see the contemporary art of the Perm Region in January, 2012. Moving exhibitions of the Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art in the regions of Russia will become the second part of the project.

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