Vyacheslav Mikhailov "The Russian North"
8 October 2010 — 31 October 2010
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The solo exhibition of one of the most famous Saint-Petersburg artists


Vyacheslav Mikhailov presents his paintings devoted to the Russian North in the Erarta galleries. He previously created series inspired by diverse places in St. Petersburg and by various Italian cities. Now he faces different subject, however architecture remains very important for him. He believes architecture to be most important type of art because it is closely connected with the mankind history and existence.

The artist is interested in history and cultural memory that is why he prefers ancient architecture marked by centuries. Mikhailov is inspired by ruins, cracked stucco of time-skewed buildings, rough inclined walls of old Russian churches with uneven masonry. This kind of a master’s improvisation and slight negligence turns a building into a humanlike creature.

The artist is inspired by the city although he often creates abstract compositions instead of traditional landscapes; geographical names are rather conventional for him. His heavy canvases filled with gesso save memories about the past; they make the onlookers feel and reflect.

The Erarta museum is proud to present the personal hall devoted to 30 years of Vyacheslav Mikhailov’s creative life. The visitors have an opportunity to trace the development of his artistic manner, comparing the recent works from “The Russian North” exhibition to the early ones.

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