"Brain fashion". Concept/Art/Confession Group
15 August 2014 — 15 September 2014
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A new exhibition "Brain fashion" is about to open in Erarta, this project traveled from the workshop in Minsk to the halls of the Shanghai Duolun Museum Of Modern Art. Belarusian Concept/Art/Confession Group, whose projects were presented at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum and at the Venice Film Festival, now present to our audience their unique view on Fashion Industry


Oleg Shobin, an ideologue of the group, photographer Alexei Shlyk and sculptor Maxim Makarevich appeal to the common theme of the Route, but in special way — by visualizing the famous proverb "put yourself in my shoes". Through the abstract forms of black-and-white photos of shabby shoes and patina-covered bronze objects one can recognize twisted silhouettes of boots by Expensive brands which stand as a naive allegory of human life path. The group use an eternity to measure a pathos of luxury, inviting the audience to gaze at the dusty and deformed leather wrinkles and search for a beauty of a different kind, which marks people and things that have come a long way.

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