I, Me, About Me. VK Talents Project Exhibition

25 November 2020 — 20 December 2020
  • I, Me, About Me. VK Talents Project Exhibition

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presented the artworks by winners of the I, Me, About Me amateur and beginning artists competition.

  • Nearly 100 works by talents from all across the country

  • Manga, Khokhloma painting, glass inlay, and notepad sketches in a single exhibition space

  • Absolute freedom of self-expression 


I, Me, About Me bottom-lines the VK Talents competition for amateur and beginning artists. The approximately 100 works on exhibit reflect their creator’s thoughts on themselves and their place in the world. ‘What does art mean to me?’, ‘Am I really an artist?’, ‘Can I express myself through art?’ – these are the questions very likely considered by every participant before submitting the contest application.

Computer games, Japanese anime and manga, portraits of favourite rap artists, realistic still lifes and digital abstractions — everything is thrown together to form a curious mood board providing an insight into what the VK creative community lives and breathes. Even though many of these subjects currently remain outside the scope of trending contemporary art, things may as well change tomorrow.

Perhaps everyone dabbling in art would like to see their creations in a museum space. The true importance of I, Me, About Me lies in the opportunity it gives the amateur artists and beginners to reach out to the viewer, sharing their stories and perspectives, and the passion that fuels their art. For many creatives whose works are featured in this exhibition, this is the first and truly decisive step.

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