“Look Out”. Assemblages by Natasha Van Budman
28 March 2014 —  9 April 2014
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"Look Out", an interactive solo exhibition of assemblages by Natasha Budman, will open in Erarta on 28 March


The "Look Out" series represents the collective portrait of modern Russian society. The cycle composition invites the audience to plunge into the atmosphere of crowd and to feel the universal nature inside the multiversal variety of psychological human types.

15 works of this series were created in a rare, hard and time-consuming technique of assemblage. Such well-considered staging details as exhibition methods, lighting panels and transparent constructions make the works seem hanging in the air. The carcass of each work is the author's face mould with different emotional expressions that reveal each image.

The central idea of the series is tolerance. Using different characters, Van Budman shows the viewer singularity of human social nature. By getting to know the diversity of represented types, the viewer receives an opportunity to realize that tolerance to another way of thinking and living is the essential condition for harmonious existence in modern world.

The exposition is accompanied by the video "Self-reservation". Several short video interviews is the author's reflection on the behavior patterns and mechanisms of interpersonal communication.

Natasha Van Budman raises an extremely important question of tolerance in today's society. The technical side of this series is no less versatile and complex than its subject. However, the author is well prepared for this challenge since she obtained experience of working at The Shanghai Museum of Calligraphy, The British Higher School of Art and Design and Free Workshops of The Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

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