Erwin Olaf. Harmony of Dissonances. Obsession for Perfection
30 March 2018 — 21 May 2018
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Erarta Museum and DANCE OPEN festival present an exhibition of works by Erwin Olaf — the extravagant artist from Holland

  • Collaboration of Erwin Olaf with the leading Dutch ballet companies
  • An exhibition that reveals the truth about the human nature and celebrates the perfection of the body of an artist
  • A photographer who collaborated with the world's leading brands

There is beautiful art and there is great art. Beautiful art charms the eye, while great art reconciles us with the inescapable pain and bitterness of existence. Erwin Olaf’s work is a silent cry that suffering is the path to awareness, a natural stage of the journey, as a result of which, through overcoming, through sweat and blood, discoveries are made and not only beauty is revealed, but also the truth. 

This collaboration between the Dutch photographer and the leading Dutch ballet companies is a serendipitous meeting that has engendered a miracle comparable in scale to the art of the old Dutch Masters, a new visual form capable of telling the innermost truths of human nature. 

The exhibition at the Erarta Museum will show works by Erwin Olaf made between 1985 and 2016. 

Erwin Olaf:  

  • Popular commercial photographer who collaborated with Louis Vuitton (an exhibition “Catwalk” at Rijksmuseum), Vogue, Grey, Jalouse, New York Times.
  • The artist, whose works were presented in leading galleries around the world, including the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.
  • Creator of the provocative series of photographs “Fashion Victims” (people with branded shopping bags on their heads) and “Royal Blood” (dedication to the members of the royal families who were killed).


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