Yulia Sopina. “The Royal Reception”
8 October 2015 — 23 November 2015
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Solo exhibition by Yulia Sopina, inspired by her journey to London, opened at Erarta Museum from 13 October


What can impress an artist evidencing the Duke's of Edinburgh birthday celebrations in London? A parade of The Royal Horse Artillery or perhaps, a parade of ladies' hats queuing for the Queen's Reception at Buckingham Palace? For Yulia Sopina the trip to London turned into an emotional impulse for creating of a new series of paintings where love and irony get interwisted. Yulia Sopina's style is characterized by the ultimate generalization and even primitivism of forms. At the same time, by enhancing the color contrasts and increasing the density of color spots, she achieves the desired expression and transforms the ordinary nature into an artistic happening.

Surprisingly, London turned out to be consonant with Yulia Sopina's artistic world perception. Each image in this series contains numerous allusions to the landmark cultural phenomena, rituals or literary stories. Admiration of the aristocratic tradition and majestic importance of everyday life goes along with the classic British irony. Thus, the symbol of British invincibility — The Nelson's Column — is unexpectedly replaced by a sculpture "Blue Rooster", temporarily installed in Trafalgar Square. A box of dog feces becomes the central object in "Clean It Up", but a whole epoch can be represented by a set of woman's lingerie, either puritan and ascetic ("Victoria") or coquettish and feminine ("Elizabeth").

Yulia Sopina, the author of the series "My Love California", tends to fall in love with genius loci. The exhibition in Erarta is her expression of love to London and the Queen, who this year set a record of longevity of serving the nation.

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