Russia at Erarta presents: exhibition Art Industry
29 June 2012 — 10 August 2012
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The project "Russia in Erarta" — a series of major exhibitions featuring the art of the audience, which is created by artists today, in different regions of the country. The project has already held exhibitions of art Perm and Samara, in June Erarta is the art of Novosibirsk


«Russia in Erarta» (the project was conceived by Erarta Museum in 2011) aims at familiarising the general audience with contemporary art that is being produced in different regions of the country. As a part of the project, Erarta carries out large-scale exhibitions which represent the art of today from different areas of Russia. Having already introduced the cities of Samara and Perm, this time Erarta turns the spotlight towards Novosibirsk.

Exhibition's curators designed this exhibition according to the principles of ENEA (Exhibition of Economic Achievements), although the presented accomplishments are of artistic rather than economic value. The main task of the exposition is rather simple: it aspires to showcase the kind of art which comes out from Novosibirsk nowadays. The exhibition is divided into two equally fascinating parts. The first one includes the more academic sector of fine arts, such as painting, sculpture and graphics. The second one represents recently emerged media: video and photo installations and the so-called «public art». Both sections include established and upcoming artists. Vladimir Fateev, Tamara Gritsyuk, Lena Bertollo, Danila Menshikov, Sergei Mosienko, Alexander Shurits, Mikhail Kuznetsov and others represent the more traditional group, while the members of the «Blue Noses» (Vyacheslav Mizin, Alexander Shaburov) together with Dmitriy Buligin, Artyom Loskutov, and Konstantin Skotnikov constitute the innovative body. Recently developed in Novosibirsk type of artistic marches (nicknamed DEMONstrations) is accommodated within the exhibition's structure too. M. Kazakovtsev's project "Degree of Importance», also included in the program, reflects on the issues of life, creativity and self-identification of Novosibirsk artists.

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