Pavel Grishin "Curriculum vitae"
23 March 2012 — 21 May 2012
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The first solo show of Grishin’s works, which mainly focus upon the theme of ornamentation


Pavel Grishin is a successful graduate of the Moscow Storganov Academy, and his academic education within the department of mural and decorative arts, in addition to fine arts at the institution, has ensured that he has become well known not just in the sphere of illustration and painting, but installation above all others. Erarta is proud to present the first solo show of Grishin’s works, which mainly focus upon the theme of ornamentation. This considerable body of works allows the viewer to look at European culture of artistic adornment as if through a filter inspired by the dipsomaniac works of William Burroughs.

According to Grishin, the muralist, when placed in the context of architecture faces the same dilemmas and tribulations as the illustrator when he comes across a blank page. The way in which Grishin attempts to overcome this quandary is to work with the national media. Grishin receives invaluable material through the media as an artist – information, which can immediately be comprehended and included with his art works. Still Grishin prefers not to work in a hurry and manages to carve an excursion into his inner world for his audience, through the composition of a series of collages, images and murals that address the creation and consequences of imagery.

The works of Grishin testify to the erroneous assumption that classical training does not allow for evolutionary artistic practice to flourish. Rather, as Grishin freely admits, his education has allowed him to build his avant-garde oeuvre on a solid aesthetic foundation. Hence, Grishin is able to instill classical forms into florid expression, which he has made his own, such as through architecture and jewelry amongst others. Hence, one of Grishin’s perfectly circular art objects can witness the inclusion of a bright chaos of fluid acrylic, which gives it the same rhythm and energy as graffiti would.

about the artist

On a biographical note, Pavel Grishin was born in Moscow and graduated from the Moscow Stroganov University in 2005. The particular department, which witnessed his flourishing as an artist was that of monumental and decorative paintings in the workshop on Broido. One of the main achievements of Grishin within this period of his education was that of creation and installation of ‘Project Alma Mater’ (in coordination with the artist A. Sokolov), which was exhibited at the Sretenka Design week in Moscow in 2010.

A further notable accomplishment is that of a further project, titled ‘Evening Cocktail’, which Grishin again undertook with the help of Alexei Sokolov. This venture was featured in the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art "Stop ! Who goes there? "(Moscow, 2010). An additional installation, which caught the media’s attention to a great extent, was Grishin’s ‘The Last Supper’, which was the winner of ‘An art object in the space of the Modern Museum”, in St. Petersburg in 2011. A further artistic venture, which needs to be accounted for is that of ‘Quiet Hour’, which was entered into a contest of Contemporary Sculpture, organized by the Project START (Vinzavod) in Moscow, 2011. Moreover, he participated with his ‘Contra Mater’ project at the fourth Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, again in 2011.

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