“Innervisions”. Exhibition
22 January 2016 —  8 February 2016
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Erarta presents the second season of traveling exhibitions of street and documentary photography


“Innervisions” exhibition project is dedicated to Russian independent documentary photography and is aimed to support the actual artistic process in this sphere.

The project is implemented as a series of year-long traveling exhibitions in Russia and abroad with much attention paid to educational events and creative workshops.

The theme of the second season is “Documentary photography of the human environment”. The visual world around us is full of amazing occurrences that constantly arise and fall into oblivion. Objects and spaces, light effects and atmospheric conditions interact, continuously composing chords and melodies. But it all happens so fleetly that can be hardly captured by our eyesight, just as the ultrasound is not perceived by human ears.

Photography is the only way to reveal this unknown reality. And this is what “Innervisions” project is about. When you look at an image and perceive the seemingly dull mundanity in a completely different way.

The programme of the second season consists of eight parts: 4 solo and 4 group exhibitions.

Solo exhibitions:

Alexander Slyusarev, Artem Zhitenev “Inhabitants”, Alexander Grouss “It accidently happened  on Earth” and Andrey Krashenitsa “RostovEveryDay” (video project).

Group exhibitions:

“Private Life”, “Urban space”, “Foundart”, “No Subject” and a large slideshow programme.

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