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“Understanding the Other”. Exhibition, dedicated to Sergey Kuryokhin. Participant of the parallel program of “MANIFESTA 10”
27 June 2014 —  1 September 2014
  • Слайдер для “Understanding the Other”. Exhibition, dedicated to Sergey Kuryokhin. Participant of the parallel program of “MANIFESTA 10”

From June 27 Erarta hosted the exhibition "Understanding the Other" dedicated to the universal artist Sergey Kuryokhin, whose enthusiasm used to be a great feeding source for the cultural life of Leningrad and St. Petersburg

The artistic life of Leningrad/St.-Petersburg at the turn of the century was fueled by enthusiasm and endless talent of one universal artist. Being a man of a wide reach of thought, Kuryokhin acted as a generator of ideas and formed a distinct cultural environment where organically coexisted scientists, biologists, clowns, mime artists, progressive jazzmen, new wave rockers and opera singers as they all shared creative spirit of experimenting on the synthesis of arts. The exhibition features works inspired by the composer's art and memories about his personality by the contemporaries and friends — the authors of different generations and subcultures where the genius of Kuryokhin sourced his bold visual effects for the stage performances.

The exhibition will feature works by such artists as:

Anufriyev Sergey, Anufriyeva Anfisa, Bezrukov Igor, Belkin Anatoly, Belyaev-Gintovt Alexey, Evgeny Bikuzin and Elena Kasymova, Bloch Maxim, Bogdanova Nika, Chamkina Janna- Aurora, Vinogradov German, Vasilyeva-Khall Natalya, Gavrilchik Vladlen, Gavrilenko Gleb, Debizhev Sergey, Filippova Katya, Kuryokhin Sergey, Kotelnikov Oleg, Kovalsky Sergey, (E-E) Kozlov Evgeny, Kipyatkov Kirill, Krasev Yuri “Tsirkul”, Kuznetsov Victor, Kuksenaite Irene, Kulikov Vladimir, Kushev Vladislav, Kutz Alexandr, Makarov Vladislav, Makarov Stas, Maslov Oleg, Miller Kirill, Mitin Alexey, Nemkov Alexandr, Ovchinnikov Nikolay, Pershina Olga, Pepperstein Pavel, Ryabinov Konstantin, Savchenko Inal, Sotnikov Ivan, Semkin Sergey, Joulia Strauss, Streltsov Ivan, Tegin Alexey, Tikhomirov Victor, Tobreluts Olga, Khlobystin Andrey, Kovalsky Sergey, Chernov Sergey, Sharafutdinov Timur, Shevnin Yuri, Shagin Dmitry, Usov “Villy” Andrey, Yufit Evgeny, Yakimchuk Nikolay.

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