Nikolay Sazhin «By Default»
20 May 2010 — 17 June 2010
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Erarta Museum and Galleries of contemporary art are launched by the personal exhibition of Nikolay Sazhin, a Saint-Petersburg artist


The idea of the exhibition is related to issues that the artist has been aware of for all of his artistic life and that are revealed at its different periods as if by default. These are the issues close to every creative person, as well as any person in general, i.e. love, death, the Universe...

As Nikolay Sazhin puts it, the more talented a person is, the more phenomena he/she is unable to explain. Why is doing this and not that? Is it possible that he/she is on better terms with his/her own intuition, the voice from the inside, that something infernal often talks to us to: "do not do that", "do not go there", or, on the contrary, "do that", "that is how it will be better"? Or rather he might have a stronger bonds to his own intuition, with the voice from inside that something infernal is often talking to us telling "don't do that", "do not go there", or on the contrary, "do that", "that's how it'll be better"... Or might it be that he has stronger bonds to the state of absolute harmony where every person is said to be born and that is gradually lost later. Well, a person might be installing more new functions in their computer, thus changing those set by default. We all are to blame for that. Yet, none of us is deprived of the opportunity to "turn on" the initial settings. Each of us can become absolutely worn out or complete a certain period in their life, and what’s then? Nothing... It is just so nice to remember that it is always possible to return to what is always in you and what you always used to have, to look at it from a different viewpoint, to think and feel it over again. Whatever new turn one will have to undertake in their works, we all know that finally we preserve that what has always been in there ... by default.

Despite the fact that Nikolay Sazhin is a active participant of personal and group exhibitions, this time he has got the opportunity to display not only his latest works, but also his especially substantial canvases, some them up to 6 m. wide, because Erarta galleries possess the largest space in the city which is allocated for galleries.

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