“Moments ... The stories of portraits and still lives”. Solo exhibition by Olga Demidova
14 January 2015 — 26 January 2015
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The exhibition by Olga Demidova, helded in Erarta in mid-January


Olga Demidova can be called “a weekend artist”. She lives in Moscow, has two university diplomas and one academic degree, and works as a financial director. Just like famous romanticists of the XIX century, Olga finds true passion not in her professional occupation, but in creative practice. From 2002, she took classes at the studio of the Honored Artist of Russia Annamukhamed Zaripov, five years later became a member of Creative Artists' Union and right away started active exhibition activities.

Perhaps, the favorite author’s oil portraits and still lives might look add within the walls of a contemporary art museum. But in fact this dissonance of the idea and its incarnation gives a certain beauty to the whole project. Olga Demidova’s works cannot be called the learner's ones, although she constantly learns from her respected teacher Annamukhamed Zaripov. At the same time her works can be called neither naturalistic nor realistic. They are rather “naive” and dominated by emotions of the spontaneous expressionist artist.

The black outlines around eyes, irregular proportions and curious details as a horse skull in the studio of the teacher make the painting even more interesting in terms of original author’s vision, relying primarily on feelings rather than on a strong professional hand. It is no coincidence that the heroes of her portraits are not random people, but the beloved ones, who open in the process of a portrait creation.

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