Vladimir Migachyov. A Peaceful Life (painting)
11 March 2011 — 10 April 2011
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Vladimir Migachyov combines principle of realistic landscape painting with neo expressionistic approach in his works. The main subject for his paintings is the Land, the Land which holds his people. On this Land the history and life is happening. Migachyov’s monumental and monochrome landscapes are both representational and conceptual. They can be treated as illusory picturesque spaces and as objects in which material, texture and collage bear emotional and semantic load


On the exhibition “A Peaceful life” you can see Migachyov’s recent works. Looking at them you can retrace how the artist gradually intensifies his dialog with the spectator discovering genuine subject matter of his oeuvre. Refined graphic works created in the beginning of 2000’s are being changed by his recent brutal “earth works” (works in which artist uses soil as an element of collage) and “disturbed landscapes”. In these gloomy works soil threatens to destroy schematic illusory nature of the great Russian plain with its life seeming to be peaceful. Artist controverts idyllic view on reality which is typical for landscape. This method makes spectator see surliness of the land. Migachyov reminds us that the land is not only the source of wealth and high standard of living. First of all it is the basis for all the life forms and the place where all of them return to in the end.

Vladimir Migachyov lives in the South Russia. His has exhibitions in Moscow. Artist also participates in international exhibitions and resident programs. “A Peaceful life” is Migachyov’s first personal exhibition in Saint Petersburg.

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