“Number and Myth”. An exhibition by Konstantin Khudyakov
14 February 2014 — 24 March 2014
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In the middle of February there will be opened a solo exhibition by Konstantin Khudyakov at Erarta. Konstantin Khudyakov is known to be an Honored Artist of Russia and the 54th Venice Biennale member


The artist will present his new works, including 3D-surreal paintings, digital mosaics and large scale artworks of his famous series “Hotel Russia” and “Four Seasons”.

The project should impress both the critical viewer, who will be able to appreciate the nonstandard architecture of the large scale collages, and the general public, who will be able to experience the amazing effect of these unusual stereo images.

Konstantin Khudyakov is always willing to use the newest materials, whether he creates a polymer clay sculpture or computer graphics. He has his own new view of classic religious and historical subjects. Mixing different elements he creates his own isolated world, where any detail is an essential component of its own macrocosm.

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