“Lithe”. Solo exhibition by Aleksey Gromov
11 March 2015 — 13 April 2015
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Erarta Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art presented solo exhibition by Aleksey Gromov from 11 March to 13 April 2015


“Lithe” is something opposite to stable, hard and firm. Lithe is a flexible form of visualization, open both to analysis and impact. It can be compared to a feeling when the ground crumbles under your feet and its permanent structure, its inner essence enters the state of continuous changes.

This series of works is an attempt to collect and to order fictional visual material. The viewer is invited to come up with his own story based on the fragmentary information given by the author. Just as music continues to sound in one's head even being turned off, the visual images of Lithe give the viewer a certain mosaic with missing parts which have to be thought of.

Endless process of changing, unstable surface texture, constant moving and developing of the composition are used to convey the feeling of lost balance, both external and internal. The objects themselves are not the ultimate goal of Lithe concept. On the contrary, they just offer the viewer to embrace the whole picture, to see what's left offscreen, to read between the lines.

The artist intents to capture the essence of time without needless romanticization. He avoids portrait resemblance, using conventional silhouettes and perspectives, since overloaded visual symbols complicate identification of the image.

The author uses various textures and structures from salt stains to simulating capillary system. Images and objects are percept as independent statements with no connection to the artist's personality. The structure of his works is unstable and their texture is staggering and labile.

Aleksey Gromov

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