“Hair Now”. Solo exhibition by a French stylist Charlie le Mindu
17 July 2015 — 13 September 2015
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From 17 July Erarta presented solo exhibition by a French stylist Charlie le Mindu “Hair Now”


A Mad Hatter, a Hairdresser, or a Hair Stylist? Regardless, this rare specimen in the world of hairdressing is not one to be labelled. From a salon for old ladies in the countryside, to the fifth floor of “Harrods” in London: a journey that has seen this young prodigy make a place for himself amongst the great hairdressers of our time.  

At 13 years old our young artist learnt to cut hair in a small salon near Bordeaux. He learned the basic cutting techniques whilst sweeping the floor, but his fiery attitude was desperate for freedom in this rural atmosphere. At 15, he quit to work in the salon. Attracted more and more by the nightlife, he packed his bags and moved to Berlin, the European capital of alternative arts. He was only 17, didn’t speak any German, or English, but nevertheless his vision was clear. He passed through the chic French restaurants, the underground shops, and gay clubs, offering his services. He invented the idea of the “Pop Up Salon” where people could pay what they liked. It was at this time that he met the Canadian singer Peaches, whose extravagance both seduced and inspired him.

At 22, tired of the crazy nights in Berlin, he set off for London, “the city where everything is possible”. Frustrated by the confines of working only on the head, he created his first collection of Haute Coiffure. “For me, hair is like fur, it can be very chic in clothing. But, it doesn’t hurt anybody to use it!”, — says Charlie. He became the hairdresser, at 25, for many celebrities, and notably the wig maker for Lady Gaga, then Florence Welch (“Florence and the Machine”) and “The B-52s”. He also hosted his own makeover show, Charlie’s Treatment, on the Online Channel Konbini. He presents his collections during the Haute Couture fashion week in Paris, and Harrods opened a salon for him on the Fifth Floor. Charlie le Mindu always hits the headlines with his sensational Haute Coiffure shows, whether you love it or hate it, his work never leaves you feeling indifferent. “I like it if you love me or you hate me”, — says Charlie.

The exhibition “Hair Now” presents the master’s latest collection haute couture. 

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