“Shumotron”. Media-art from Russia with love
28 March 2014 — 14 April 2014
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This time the young artists’ exhibition is named after the white noise generator, a primitive gadget used by the USSR State Security to black out ideologically nonconforming information


The idea of the exhibition is not only to display the art works, but to identify the creative practices of digital culture, that gave a birth to a huge amount of easy-to-use tools. Today's abundance of newsmakers, artists, musicians and designers gives us reasons to think about reanimation of shumotron or stepping on the path of network asceticism. To participate in the project we invited young authors whose works acquired status of contemporary Internet folklore by means of “share and repost”. There are also those who enjoy digging through the cultural junks and communicate to the world by “Tumblr” newsfeed: painter Vladimir Potapov with his “Web graffiti” project, blogger and author of the public “Sleeping areas of the Oz country” Igor Antonovsky, Ivan Tuzov, Olga Shapovalova and creators of sharp remixes on “Lube” band from “Bereza” juke-community. 

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