Centre de Gravité. The Force of Gravity. Photo project
23 June 2017 —  7 August 2017
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The Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art presents the Franco-Russian project “Center de gravité. The Force of Gravity” in which photographers and journalists from four different countries tried to create the image of contemporary Russia

  • 100 photos by famous photographers from Russia, France, Canada and USA

  • 14 topics revealing the complex and outstanding character of Russia

  • Exhibition that can be read as a book, and a book that can be viewed as an exhibition


Eleven photographers from different parts of the world (Russia, France, Canada, and USA) have set themselves an ambitious goal – to create a photo portrait of Russia. With almost a hundred pictures, they composed a multifaceted image of one of the most mysterious countries in the world. Each photograph is accompanied by the author's comments, which makes the portrait even more interesting.

These texts and pictures, reflecting the most diverse aspects of the country’s life, merged into a large-scale project “Center de gravité. The Force of Gravity”.

“Russia is like a huge mirror that reflects the flow of days, the change of epochs, and the intricate pattern of the new and the old. “Center de gravité. The force of Gravity” is the project that tries to reveal the beauty and diversity of Russia", — says  the curator of the project, Alina Reshetova.

The exhibition in Erarta Museum offers 14 main storylines: Tenderness, Faith, Renunciation, Fate, Water, Secret, Energy, Contrasts, Lines, East-West, Extremes, Humor, Immensity and Optimism.

The authors of the French edition of Le Courrier de Russie (Jean-Félix de La Ville Beaufort, Ann Koldefi-Fokar, Rusina Shikhatova, Julia Brin, Manon Masset and Anton Ramov) wrote short and deep articles on each topic.

The photographs and texts presented at the Erarta exhibition were previously combined in a book published by Éditions du Courrier de Russie publishing house. Its design and format completely reflect the idea of the project: the authors' cross-view on the largest and most ambiguous country in the world.


Photographers who took part in the project ‘Center de gravité. The Force of Gravity’:

Aleksey Myakishev (Russia), Olivier Marchesi (France), Lilit Matevosyan (Georgia, Russia), Pascal Dumont (Canada), Ilya Pitalev (Russia), Vasily Ilynsky (Russia), Laure Debrosse (France), Marie de La Ville Baugé (France), Denis Demkov (Russia), Todd Prince (USA), Sahab Shamilov (Russia).

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