“To make it in time!”. Exhibition by Lyudmila Lunts
28 November 2014 — 12 January 2015
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From November 28 to January 12 Erarta hosted a solo exhibition of graphic works by a young graphic artist Ludmila Luntz


In August 2013 Erarta announced a creative competition in the format of intellectual karaoke. The participants had to present their exhibition projects in twenty slides with short comments. Lyudmila Lunts was the last to report, and she managed to revive the audience with the images of scrap metal sculptures, alternative fashion and infantile worlds populated with colorful creatures. While the projector was broadcasting melancholy monochrome works, the author was tranquilly involving the viewers into the stream of fantastic images reminding the results of automatic writing. No wonder that Ludmila Lunts won the contest. 

“To make it in time!” is the fifth solo exhibition of the young graphic artist with a rich biography: hitchhiking around the world, apprenticeship in the studios of animation director Ivan Maximov, famous Cheboksary illustrator Igor Ulangin, master of linocuts and woodcuts Yuri Bashkirtsev and the guru of etchings Pavel Tatarnikov. Today Ludmila Lunts has her own students and teaches her own course of watercolor painting. 

The present exhibition features a series of large-format linocuts. Most of them are dedicated to the artist’s teachers and masterminds, such as Salvador Dali, who was born on the same day as the artist. 

Ludmila Lunts is an experimentalist with the original creative philosophy, where the visionary world is tightly twisted with the reality. The exhibition “To make it in time!” is mainly about people, the most important of which according to the author’s opinion are “teachers, models and viewers”. “We measure time by numbers and space by people”, — says Lyudmila, while unrolling in front of the audience her graphic diaries of human habits in the cities cafes, open-air spaces, crowded holidays, rallies, fights, and drawing classes. 

She is a manic drawing artist of all possible graphic techniques and original perception of the reality through the creative interpretation and modeling. Those, who will travel through the pages of her graphic diaries and meet her wonderful teachers, will definitely be inspired to take a pen and to create their own worlds, bordering the cozy and fantastic reality of Ludmila Lunts.

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