“Thought Forms”. Solo exhibition by sculptor Svetlana Melnichenko
25 November 2016 — 15 January 2017
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Svetlana Melnichenko, a talented sculptor from St. Petersburg, opens her solo exhibition “Thought Forms” at Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

  • Love expressed in marble and bronze

  • Deep study of the human inner world

  • Real poetry in sculpture

The “Thought Forms” is an eternal search for the “formula of love”. Each work reveals a piece of a big picture called “comprehension of the innermost”: from the baby’s “First cry” to the mature “Finding yourself”. While showing unambiguous meanings, all the works contain implications and reflections on the essence of being.

Both lyrical “Infinity” of complex relationships between men and women, and optimistic “Hope” to overcome the twisted circumstances, imply the higher knowledge of goodness and truth of life. This message is especially intense in “Bereginya”. If not a woman-angel, than who will bring peace to each house, protect us from the evil, and take the burden of responsibility for everything that people do? Perhaps, the Carrara marble was designed for the purpose of embodiment of such images, literally impregnated with love in all manifestations.

The “Thought Forms” convey the sculptor’s creative credo and fine individual intonations. The ironic “Unpredictability” is a reflection on the fragility of human relationships and instability of life collisions. The dramatic "Rain on the Neva" is a song of memory and ever-lasting feelings.

The amazing “The City of the Sun” expresses the author’s sincere love to Italy, eternal cities, genius artists, and beautiful nature that gave the world its unique treasure of Carrara marble. But the apparent semantic clarity of Svetlana Melnichenko’s compositions always contain something veiled and half-hidden, something that encourages the viewer to participate, empathize and look for correspondences in his own life experience.

Her “Thought forms” don’t give direct answers. They illustrate the artist’s own long road to comprehension of space and time bindings, feelings and actions, multi-dimensionality of life and infinity of love as the living base.

about the artist

Born in Chişinău (Moldova)

1981-1985 — the Ilia Repin Art College in Chisinau (Moldova)

1987-1993 — the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design

2008 — winner of the International Competition of Ice Sculptures “Hyperborea 2008” (Russia)

2009 — participant of the Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence (Italy)

2010 — participant of 70th “Course of Christian Doctrines” at Pro Civitate Christiana, Assisi (Italy)

2011 — participant of “Art-Manege”, Moscow

2011 — “The nuances and contrasts”, Venice (Italy)

2011 — exhibition “Madonnas and angels” Svetlana Melnichenko and Franco Prosperi,  Modern Art Gallery, Assisi (Italy); Porta San Paolo Museum, Rome (Italy); House of friendship, St. Petersburg (Russia);  Great Gallery, Novgorod (Russia)

2012 — “Melnichenko and Terenin”,  Merafiori, Turin (Italy)

2014 — “Family portrait”, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

2015 —  “The Divine Dante”, The St. Petersburg State Museum of the History of Religion (Russia)

2016 — “Circus”, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

2016 — “Christian motifs in the works of Cervantes”, The St. Petersburg State Museum of the History of Religion (Russia)

Member of the Union of artists of Russia,

Member of Saint-Petersburg Society “Dante Alighieri”,

Member of St. Petersburg Association of International Cooperation. 

Works are presented in the collections of:

  • The St. Petersburg State Museum of the History of Religion (Russia)
  • The Museum of Contemporary Christian Art "Pro Civitate Christiana" in Assisi (Italy)
  • Vologda Regional Art Gallery (Russia)
  • The Museum of the Ilia Repin Art College in Chisinau (Moldova)
  • The St. Petersburg  Museum of Circus Art (Russia)
  • The Museum of St.Francis Basislica in Assisi (Italy) 
  • As well as in numerous private collections in Russia and abroad.
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