“Ugra period” (Khanty-Mansisk). Exhibition under the project “Russia in Erarta”
19 September 2014 — 19 October 2014
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"Ugra period" exhibition is opened from September 19 till October 19 in Khanty-Mansisk


The exhibition "Ugra period" is held under the project "Russia in Erarta". It is a sort of attempt to reflect the self-sentiment of the residents of Finno-Ugric region by means of contemporary art. Of course, the exhibition doesn't resolve only into ethnofuturism: it includes arheoart, and elements of Contemporary Art. The exhibition represents a variety of media, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, art objects, photos, and video art.

Among the participants there are locals: Vladimir Bugaev, Lydia Antipova, Alexei Bachurin (Khanty-Mansiysk), Alexandr Sedov (Langepas), Ivan Demjanenko (Nizhnevartovsk), Evgeny Shelepov (Neftejugansk); artists from Moscow: Vladimir Nasedkin, Svyatoslav Ponomarev; St. Petersburg artists: Pavel Ignatiev, Denis Prasolov; and representatives from different Russian regions: Zoya Lebedeva (Izhevsk), Sergey Bruchanov (Nizhny Tagil), Rinat Minnebaev (Ufa), Vladimir Migachev (Krasnodar), Nikolai Rybakov (Krasnoyarsk) and others.

The objective of the exhibition is to the study contemporary art at the Finno-Ugrian belt, to reveal the common poetics, common themes, features and intonations. This appears to be also an all-Russia tool of immersion and self-knowledge, since the majority of Russians, in varying degrees, have Finno-Ugric genes.

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