“Hmm…”. Solo Exhibition by Sergey Bondarev
31 October 2014 — 24 November 2014
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On October 31 Erarta Gallery opened the exhibition project "Hmm..." representing paintings and art objects by a designer and a beginning artist Sergey Bondarev


"Hmm" is an interjection that serves to express feelings, sensations, mental states, and other human reactions. Sergey Bondarev chose this succinct word for his bright solo exhibition, featuring both fashion and fine art.

St. Petersburg audience knows Sergey Bondarev as a fashion designer. However, he received higher education as a muralist and has never stopped experimenting in this sphere. Bondarev believes that fashion cannot be called a "younger sister of art", since it is a fully legitimate art form. Hence the topics of his works, inhabited by the frequenters of society columns, vague addicts, grotesque and ironic representatives of cult of consumption, and so called "well-wishers" which accompany artists for their entire creative life.

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