Maria Safronova. The Human Environment
24 June 2011 — 11 September 2011
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From 24 June to 1 August 2011 The Galleries of Contemporary Art Erarta held a personal exhibition of Maria Safronova "The Human Environment".

Maria Safronova, the graduate of the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov and member of a number of exhibitions of young artists in Moscow, opens her first solo exhibition in St. Petersburg. Classical art education and work experience of the monumental temple murals define the style of Safronova painting — all works are executed in a realistic manner. However, the subjects of works of Maria Safronova are very wide: non-fiction stories that illustrate the development of cosmic expanses of astronauts, interspersed with social scenes, when dealers define the appearance of new areas of metropolis. Urban realities — a brawl in the subway tunnels - spill over into the surreal scene in the spirit of Pelevin’s stories.

In general, the work presented at the exhibition, reproduce simple mythological representation of the structure of our universe: the underworld is a surreal underground, the earth's surface is our social everyday life, and the upper world is a mysterious and coveted space. The artist offers us her vision of how mankind develops these worlds, turning each one into the life environment.


Born in Rzhev May 10, 1979

She graduated from the Moscow Art Lyceum and Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov , mural workshop of E. Maksimova.

She participated in painting the church of St. Nicholas in New York, USA, and the Chapel of St. Nicholas in Vyshny Volochok, Russia. Participant of Moscow, the Russian and foreign exhibitions.

Member of Moscow Union of Artists. State Scholar of the Ministry of Culture. She has a memorable letter from the Patriarch for paintings, Russian Academy of Arts degree, two degrees of The All-Russian Exhibition of the Youth, the laureate diploma "Best in Design 2004".

  • 2001, 2010 — Young Artists of Russia
  • 2002, 2003, 2004 — Young artists, Kuznetsk Bridge
  • 2004 — Exhibition of the Academy of Arts degrees
  • 2005 — Exhibition of design in the Central House of Artists
  • 2007 — Art Salon in the Central House of Artists, the project "Greenhouse"
  • 2008 — "Freedom of Choice," Foundation "Art Promotion Society"
  • 2010 — "On the contrary," "Winzavod"
  • 2010 — «SAF», Artplay on Yauza
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