Gijs Gieskes (NL). Special program of “Impakt” Festival
19 May 2014 — 24 May 2014
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The "Impakt" Festival presents critical and creative views on contemporary media culture and promotes innovative audiovisual arts in an interdisciplinary context. When Gijs Gieskes started making electronic equipment years ago he did not know how to do this, he learned it by trying. He found out that his own improvised primitive solutions were more appealing to him than advanced electronic solutions the market had to offer


His experiments resulted in the "5vSequencer", a drag contact that could be programed with a switch matrix to send out signals to record players, radios, electric motors, etc. Years later he decided to develop the idea further with the technical knowledge that he had gained over the years. This resulted in the works that are in the exhibition of CROSS ART. The "Motor Modular" is a modular synth that mostly works with electromechanical operations and the "Analog HD2" is a modified hard disc that can be used as a interface to make noises via mechanical movement. For two other pieces he adapted gameboys. The "Gameboy Reboot" is a gameboy that reboots automatically and the "Gameboy Generative" is a gameboy that tries to make music.

Gijs Gieskes is an industrial designer, mostly specializing in the manufacture and design of audiovisual equipment for live performances. He works with circuit-bending and old-school computer graphics and constructs mechanical devices for musical and visual expression.

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