“Russia in Vogue”. Exhibition
16 October 2014 — 14 December 2014
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In 2013, Russian “Vogue” celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. As a part of the celebration the magazine has implemented too ambitious projects: a special edition “Russia in Vogue” from November 2013, and a large-scale exhibition at Erarta Museum. 

For more than a century of “Vogue”s history in the world, and of fifteen years in Russia thousands of Russian faces and names have appeared on the pages of international “fashion bible”. The special edition of “Russia in Vogue” features portraits of such famous Russians as Ida Rubinstein, Gala Dali, Joseph Brodsky, Vladimir Nabokov, Erte and Marc Chagall. These portraits, as well as the fashion-shooting footage and the unique reports from the USSR and the Iron Curtain period can be seen at the exhibition at Erarta. The project demonstrates how triumphantly Russian supermodels were conquering the world. It’s also a story of the most iconic designers’ collections created under the influence of Russia and Russian culture. Moreover, the exhibition represents specially printed best photos made over the last fifteen years of Russian Vogue.

“I am proud of the fact that the contemporary fashion is largely influenced by the Russians, — says the chief editor of Vogue Russia Victoria Davydova. — ‘Diaghilev Seasons’ in Paris cultivate in Europeans love to crazy colors. Russian grand duchess escaped from the Bolsheviks taught European designers, starting with Chanel, embroidery and the ability to find the simple in the complex. New Soviet Russia has charged the best minds of the West with the electricity of constructivism. Look at the collection of Ralph Lauren which was fully inspired by ‘Anna Karenina’ and cadet uniform. You should definitely come to the exhibition and share my pride”.

The curator of the exhibition “Russia in Vogue”, featuring over a hundred photographs, is Olga Sviblova, Multimedia Art Museum director and founder of the Moscow House of Photography. The organizer of St. Petersburg exhibition is “Aurora”, one of the leading Russian event companies.  

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